Meet Lucy (aka LuGu)

June 22, 2014 0


beautiful girl

LuGu is short for Lucy Goosie, and this dog sure is worthy of such a nickname! Lucy is almost a year old (her estimated birthday is 7/6/2013). She is a mixed breed dog, and shortly, we will be getting the results back from her DNA test! All in all, LuGu is a social and loving pup who will be a perfect addition to your home.

Lucy is doing great in her teenager class through DogFace Training. She knows sit, down, stay, wait and much more

She is great with the other dogs at the Training class, and is good with matching play styles to those of other dogs.
She’s very motivated by treats, and we’ve been able to positively train her this way – the sky’s the limit

She has a very good recall, and is able to break away from a high-interest situation to come to you.

She does have a short attention span, so you must interact with her often.


lucy with bone

At Home:

Lucy is adjusting well to her schedule, and does well playing on her own

She loves to eat her breakfast, lunch and dinner with her Kong Wobbler which allows her to work for her food, and this helps with boredom and keeping her mind occupied

She loves to play with tennis balls, and does well fetching inside and outside of the house. She also loves to play tug of war, and has learned how to do it in a way that doesn’t get her too over stimulated

She likes to have a bully stick or some other kind of chew toy for her nighttime treat when she goes into her kennel.  She also likes to play with water bottles (with treats sealed inside!).

She is crate trained and potty trained and never has accidents.

She loves to take naps with you, and is very good at cuddling, but she’s still learning her strength.

She is great at getting her nails done, all you need are some treats!






Lucy does best if she can have some daily exercise.

We alternate between providing her a 1.5 mile run every other day coupled

with playing with her best friend, Sissy, the other day.

Lucy does great while running, and has really learned how to run next to you well.

adorable ears
She prefers running to walking only because she has a short attention span and likes to be constantly busy.

Lucy loves to play with other dogs, and has only had positive interactions with dogs so far.

She is good at matching other dogs’ play styles, but she prefers to play chase with other dogs. She is a vocal player sometimes.

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