King Louie – “Rags to Riches”

September 15, 2013 0

UPDATE!! November 17th, 2013: We are beyond thrilled to announce that Louie has been adopted!!!! Congratulations to Louie & his new family!! Louie’s going to live with two kitty sisters and wonderful parents. Louie’s journey has touched so many people and we want to thank everyone who has helped Louie along the way!! Louie’s story is a true testament to animal rescue. Happy Tails!!!

Louie is the definition of perseverance. This gentleman has had a very rough start to life. Louie was found by a local rescue volunteer in the back of Hup’s Pizza – he was eating scraps from the dumpster. Louie was in pretty bad shape. He had several old wounds & injuries, damage to his eye & ear, and was severely dehydrated. He most likely was a stray for a long time. The volunteer knew she had to save Louie and give him a second chance at life.

She took Louie home and gave him a warm bath, healthy meals, and lots of snuggle time on the couch. Louie had his first vet visit at the American Vet Clinic in Milwaukee. He received a thorough exam and vaccines. His fecal test came back positive for hookworms. The doctor noticed the horrible condition of Louie’s teeth and diagnosed Louie with cherry eye. Louie did fantastic at the vet and charmed everyone with his personality.

After spending a few days in his temporary foster home in Milwaukee, we transported Louie up to the Ranch for the next part of his journey. Louie got settled in right away and loved his doggy suite. Now it was time to start his medical care procedures. We did extensive blood work to make sure Louie was in overall good health and didn’t have any diseases.  In addition to his neuter surgery, Louie needed to have two eye surgeries and multiple teeth removed. He was such a good patient at the vet and the staff were smitten by him. Thank you to Noble Hound Animal Hospital for taking such great care of Louie.

Louie is resting comfortably at the Ranch and recovering from his medical care procedures. He enjoys spending time with the caregivers and volunteers. Louie’s favorite activities include sunbathing, chasing balls, exploring the Ranch, and snuggling. He’s learning basic commands, how to walk on leash, and how to appropriately interact with other dogs.

Despite his past life experiences and medical conditions, Louie has so much love to give and such a positive attitude. Please send your thoughts & prayers to Louie! Thank you!!



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