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March 16, 2015 0

Meet Paisley!! She is an adorable, happy-go-lucky, sweet young pup. Paisley was a stray and found wandering the mean streets of Milwaukee. Helping Pitties in the City rescued Paisley from MADACC (Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission) on March 9th, 2015. We knew she was a special girl, and we were so excited to be part of her journey.

On March 11th, Paisley was seen by Dr. Gordon at Mayfair Animal Hospital for x-rays and a thorough exam. Paisley does NOT have rickets. Paisley has severe carpus valgus deformity. This congenital birth defect affects Paisley’s ability to move/walk, and causes a lot of discomfort in her limbs. The x-rays revealed distal radius curvus bilaterally (worse on the right side), with evidence of DJD (degenerative joint disease) starting in the right carpus. The x-rays were sent to the orthopedist for further evaluation.

The exam revealed some extra teeth, which will be extracted during her spay surgery. Paisley has patches of alopecia on her back and on her hocks.

Assessment and Recommendations: physical therapy, DJD preventatives (supplements), pain management, and a surgical consultation.

Paisley’s DJD preventatives: Glucosamine Chondroitin, Fish Oil, Forti-Flora (probiotics), and Standard Process Canine Musculoskeletal Support.

Paisley’s Pain Management plan: We will use Rimadyl and Tramadol as needed for pain. Paisley will need twice yearly blood work with long-term use of Rimadyl. We’ll also consider treatment with Adequan injections for long-term management.

Paisley’s Therapy Plan:
 Paisley will have swim lessons twice per week at Think Pawsitive/K-9 Splash. Paisley will get daily therapeutic massages from her foster family. Paisley will see Dr. Morgan once per week at Pewaukee Veterinary Service for spinal manipulations/adjustments.

Paisley’s Exercise plan: Paisley is a typical, playful puppy who wants to have fun! However, we have to limit her exercise and activity – no running or rough play, and no walking on the sidewalk. She gets to be extra spoiled in foster care with lots of padding, blankets, and comfy spots for naps. Paisley wears a pretty harness that helps with short walks on the grass, and maneuvering around her foster home.

We will continue to monitor Paisley for worsening of her lameness, pain, etc. If those symptoms occur, she’ll go back to Mayfair Animal Hospital and/or Pewaukee Veterinary Service for further evaluation.

Next Step: Check out the UPDATES section of Paisley’s Get Well Fund for the latest news!!

Paisley’s Get Well Fund: We are asking our supporters to make a donation to Paisley’s medical care and help Paisley on her journey to loving, forever home. Paisley deserves a second chance and we are more than happy, and willing, to make that possible!!

You can follow Paisley’s progress on our Facebook page.

If you’re interested in making a donation directly to the vet clinic or sending a personal check, please email Marissa at


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