Dog Food Recommendations

Nutrition plays an important role in not just everyday health, but preventative care. All animals can benefit from the wholesome goodness of a well-balanced diet from natural sources. Providing high-quality pet food over your dog’s lifetime can significantly improve his/her quality of life, coat, eyes, oral health, digestive system, and temperament.

Most of your high-quality dog food is not available at grocery stores or superstores (Walmart, Target); you must buy it at specialty pet supply stores (ex. Mounds, Bark ‘N Scratch Outpost, Pet Supplies Plus). We encourage you to speak with an educated store employee and ask for their recommendations; comparisons between different brands, etc. Make sure you tell them your budget and if your dog has any dietary restrictions. Also be aware of any pet food recalls and steer clear from products (both food and treats) made in other countries.

DO NOT FEED DIETS with meat protein substitutes, by product, inexpensive fillers, or chemical preservatives. Many of the kibble and canned diets found at chain stores and grocery stores contain inexpensive fillers or other meat protein substitutes that are hidden behind the word “natural” on the packaging and misleading advertising. DO NOT FEED DIETS with corn, wheat, or soy, which are the main allergens for dogs.

It’s best to feed your dog twice a day, and not to let them free feed. Please portion out their meals using the dog food calculator, because being overweight will severely impact their health. DO NOT use the back of the bag as a guideline for meal portions.

We want to inform and advise you to do your research before starting a food program. You can also make your own dog food, biscuits, and kibble. Remember, no dog food can possibly be appropriate for every life stage, lifestyle or health condition. So, choose wisely and consult a veterinarian for help.

Here are some of the websites we used to compile our data:

Please go online and check out the star rating against the price tag. This will give you some options on buying your dog’s food. Good luck, and please call us with any questions!