Meet Oscar!!

September 15, 2013 0

Meet Oscar, our newest addition to the Ranch! 

Originally from a hog farm and destined to the fate of all other pigs, Oscar was a little piglet who was failing to thrive. Thankfully, the farmer’s daughter, Stephanie, took him back to her apartment to nurse him back to health. Oscar received rounds of antibiotics, and lived off Pedialyte the first few days. Oscar spent a month with Stephanie getting healthy and having a great time growing up. Stephanie knew she couldn’t bring the little guy back to the farm. She reached out to RMR and we were more than happy to help!

Our resident pig, Gertrude, had been lonely since the death of her friend, Jerry, last year. When we met Oscar, we knew it would be a perfect fit. Oscar has been settling in well considering his last residence included a soft bed. He loves to play in the mud, root around for anything that looks fun, and playing with his newest friend, Gertrude. He’s exploring salads and loves eating his pig food. His favorite thing is to crawl in your lap and get belly rubs. Oscar is one of the luckiest pigs in the world, and we’re proud to be able to provide him happiness for the rest of his life.

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