Please grant owner’s dying wish for Jax!!

March 12, 2018 0

Jax_1Jax is a HPITC Alumni and really needs your help!! Please share and help us grant Tom’s wish for Jax. 
Jax owner, Tom, loves him very much. Jax and Tom mean the world to each other. Unfortunately, just this past week, Tom was diagnosed with linitis plastica, a very rare stomach cancer. It is a very aggressive, stage 4 cancer. He has been told he only has a few months left and would keep Jax if at all possible. Between chemotherapy appointments, tube feedings, and numerous medications, he cannot possibly manage a dog in his last few months on earth. Instead he asked that we find him a loving home. One of his only wishes is this.

Jax is one of the sweetest and largest lap dogs you will ever meet. His number one priority is to snuggle and feel loved by his human. This is what makes him happiest: Sun Bathing, Cuddling, Walks/Car Rides, Playing Tug, Playing Fetch, Sleeping under the covers, Puzzle Toys, Ear Scratches, Kennel Time when home alone, Being with his people everywhere they go, learning & following cues.

Jax is approximately 6-years-old and considered medium energy dog. He is very loyal and sensitive. He is 65 lbs. and will find his way into your lap and your heart. He has completed his good doggy citizen certification through Loving Paws LLC.

Jax is a great listener. He also rings a bell when he’d like to go outside! He has excellent house manners and does not chew on things that are not his. Jax is potty trained and crate trained. Jax knows: sit, stay, come, up, down, over, drop it, “touch it”, paw, other paw, and “kisses”. He is very smart. Jax wears a harness for walking.

Jax would do best in a home with a calm, patient owner. Jax would love an individual or a couple who can spend quality time with him and provide him with exercise, mental enrichment, and lots of snuggle time. Jax truly is a sweetheart! Jax enjoys play time with other dogs but he prefers to be an only child in his home. Jax would do well with older children. Please help us find this lovable guy a home he so much deserves.

If you’re interested in Jax, please fill out an application on our website.Jax_2

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