Ethan- Emaciated to Adoptable

January 14, 2013 0

ethan2Remember Me Ranch took in a very VERY emaciated dog named Ethan, probably the worst case I have ever seen. If the pictures make your heart sink, imagine meeting him in person. He came from Milwaukee Animal Control, who had him for only a couple days until we were able to take him in. As of where he came from originally, we really have no way of telling, but it wasn’t a very good situation judging by his poor starved body.

But enough with the sad stuff, he has a super happy demeanor despite what he has been through. His tail was wagging away when I picked him up. Lucky for Ethan he went straight to a foster home where his foster parent nursed him back to health with toys, treats, food and most importantly love, something Ethan hadn’t experienced yet in his life. Today, Ethan is strong, healthy and waiting for his forever home.

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