Coats for Colts – Help Billy & Cash get NEW WeatherBeeta Blankets

November 9, 2013 0

UPDATE!! Billy & Cash are very grateful to everyone that donated to their blanket fundraiser!! We were able to purchase Billy & Cash a NEW WeatherBeeta Freestyle 1200D Detach-A-Neck Blanket!! Thank you to Nancy Annaromao, Kathryn Johnston, Kelly Mueller, Alisa Seegert, Jennifer S. Ivanoski, and Jacqueline Potter for donating. Your support and generosity means so much to RMR and our sanctuary horses! 

Winter is right around the corner, and Billy & Cash need blankets! Unfortunately, someone stole their blankets so we need to purchase new ones. Please donate and help us purchase WeatherBeeta blankets for the horses so they can be warm and safe in the cold temperatures. Since Cash has cancer, he especially needs the extra protection and warmth. It’s very important to keep our sanctuary horses comfortable.

For more information about our Blanket Drive, please click on our fundraiser link:

Scroll down to learn more about Billy & Cash, and their journey to the Ranch. 


Billy & Cash grazing

Billy is a 4-1/2 year-old Appaloosa. He was deemed to be put down by a breeder because they thought he had a bad leg. We knew their was something special about Billy and had to give him a second chance! We brought him to the Ranch and made sure he was comfortable. As it turned out, with a healthy diet and appropriate care, Billy grew out of his leg problems and hasn’t had any orthopedic issues.

Billy’s been at the Ranch since he was a baby, and has always been a troublemaker. His favorite thing to do is to run – and he especially loves it when the dogs chase after him on the other side of the fence. He loves people and carrots! You’ll be his new best friend if you give him carrots. He is very adventurous and will do naughty things – everyday he tries to get into the hay mound! He is slowly being trained to ride, and someday we hope for Billy to get adopted. Until then, he is a sweet and loving boy, and a best friend to Cash.



Cash is a 16-year-old Thoroughbred Gelding that was an ex-racehorse and registered with the Jockey Club as “I’ll take Cash”. He didn’t do too well as a racehorse, but then later in his life became a Class-A Jumper. Now Cash is retired and loves being at the Ranch. After being moved around from one place to another his whole life, he enjoys roaming the pastures and relaxing in a peaceful, tranquil environment. It is such a great feeling to be able to give the horses the gift of stability and security, two things that they sometimes never get to experience.

Cash loves to get brushed by Marilyn, he loves carrots and apples, and is best friends with Billy. He is a very loving, calm, and laid back horse. Cash has very good manners and has done a great job of showing Billy the ropes. Cash has Melanoma Cancer, which commonly affects white horses, and very enlarged lymph nodes. He is on special medications and supplements; but, unfortunately, there is no cure for Melanoma Cancer. We do our best to make sure Cash is happy and healthy.



To see more pictures of Billy & Cash, check out their album on our Facebook page:

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