Remembering Annabelle – Fighting the Odds

January 13, 2012 0


We came across little Annabelle on the euthanasia list from a high-kill shelter because of a non-contagious form of mange, along with her sister. Two innocent puppies with cute little faces like these, we had to save them, especially for an easily treatable thing like demodectic mange. Annabelle came to us and her sister went to another no-kill shelter. Annabelle came with a cough and it went from bad to worse all in a week. She stopped eating, drinking, moving around, standing up and had a really hard time breathing. We brought her to Portage Vet Clinic and they took her in to find out what was causing her symptoms. It turns out whatever bacterial infection Annabelle came here with, it had progressed into severe pneumonia. With the help of our many supporters we were able to raise enough money to pay for her vet bills. And because of the care she received from Dr. Cooper and his vet technicians she was saved. Her lungs may not fully recover 100%, but it’s much better than the alternative. Right now in her foster home she is showing significant signs of improvement each day and her foster parents want to adopt her. She has a healthy appetite, she can breathe easy, she gets up to hop around and she even plays with toys now. With a little TLC, support from our fans on Facebook and medical attention from the saints at Portage Vet Clinic we were able to save one more life.

Despite all of our efforts severe pneumonia has claimed the life of Annabelle. She passed away on 11/19/2012 unexpectedly. She was doing so well in her foster home, but she had a seizure and died in her foster daddy’s arms at their home. It happened so fast, there was no suffering and in the last 2 weeks of her life she knew what love felt like and was absolutely spoiled by the Kessenich family. She was buried at their home and now she can finally breathe easy. I’d like to thank everyone who supported her, donated to her, the Kessenichs for taking such good care of her and Portage Vet Clinic for trying their absolute best. We tried our very hardest to save her.

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