Our Adoption Process:

Thank you for choosing to adopt and considering adding one of our wonderful rescue dogs as a new member of your family! We try to make our adoption process seamless as possible.

If you’re interested in adopting, please fill out an online adoption application. Please answer all questions fully and honestly. Once you submit an application, our Foster & Adoption Manager will process your application and review all information provided (please be advised that this could take up to a week).

  • If you rent, we will verity the landlord’s pet policy by contacting your landlord directly.
  • If you had or have current pets, we will verify your veterinary history by contacting your vet clinic directly.

Once your application is processed, you will receive an email from our Foster & Adoption Manager to discuss the next steps. She will request to schedule a brief phone conference to review any questions or concerns, and learn more about your family’s lifestyle, personality, etc. We do our best to help family’s find their perfect match. We always use care and discretion when placing our rescue dogs in adoptive homes.

After the phone conference and if your application is approved, we will schedule a meet-and-greet. We require a meet-and-greet with your current dog(s) and immediate family members (spouse, children, roommates, etc.) to ensure a great fit.  The meet-and-greet will either be done at the Ranch or at the potential adopter’s home.  Please be aware that some of our adoptable dogs are in foster homes in the Milwaukee area.  If the dog you are interested in is located in a foster home, please be flexible and allow ample amount of time to schedule a meet-and-greet.

  • If you have cats, we can conduct a “cat introduction test” to assure that the dog can live peacefully with your resident cat(s). If needed, we can also make arrangements to do a trial adoption run.

If the meet-and-greet goes well and the Foster & Adoption Manager feels that your family is a great match, you can adopt that day! There is an Adoption Contract that will need to be completed and you will receive an Adoption Folder with all medical records, vaccine history, basic training literature, and other dog-related information. The adoption fee is due at the time of adoption. Your Adoption Contract does contain the adoption fee, and can be used as a receipt.

***Please Note: Visual breed identification in dogs is unreliable so for most of our rescue dogs we are only guessing at the predominant breed or breed mix. We think that it’s more important to get to know each dog as an individual and we will do our best to describe each of our rescue dogs based on personality, not by breed label.

***Please be aware that some towns, cities and homeowners insurance companies have a ban on certain breeds. There are also ordinances limiting the number of pets you can have in your household.  Please do your own research on these topics before applying. The link below contains information about BSL in Wisconsin.